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Karma - Giving Back

We believing in Karma and giving back. Not only do we want to serve our customers, we also want to help make the world a little better by supporting worthy causes that we believe in.

Wildlife Protection & Conservation

We care about all beings. We believe that all lives are equal and wildlife are important part of the world ecosystem that should be protected. Specifically, we are deeply concerned about animal cruelty and the illegal poaching of endangered species like Elephants, Tigers, Rhinos and Gorillas, etc. We work with wildlife conservation organizations (WWF, Born Free USA and Save Elephant Foundation) to help preserve these precious beings for the future of this planet and for our future generations.

Current Initiative

Currently, we are working on an initiative to adopt and sponsor an elephant that has been rescued by the wonderful organization Save Elephant Foundation. We are doing this by donating 10% of the net proceeds from certain elephant themed shirts towards this initiative. 
Update (11-5-2016): We adopted a rescued elephant! Her name is "Jeam Sai", which means Happy in Thai. She is blind in one eye and was rescued to the Elephant Nature Park in March 2014. Jeam Sai is healthy now and enjoys her life in the park.
Save Elephant Foundation

Environment Protection & Conservation

It is a miracle that we live on this beautiful blue marble planet with air, water and all the precious resources we need to sustain life. We are spiritual beings who are deeply connected to the nature and to the universe. Hence, protecting our environment is top on our list. To do our part on reducing the ecological footprint and to encourage environmental conservation, we work with Trees For The Future, a wonderful organization, to Plant One Trees For Every Shirt Purchased. In other words, every shirt you buy from us, you are also helping to plant one more tree on this planet. You should feel good when you put on our awesome shirts!

About Trees For The Future

With almost three decades in the field, Trees For The Future has a strong track record. They’ve planted over 115 million trees in dozens of countries and revitalized hundreds of thousands of acres of soil while improving the lives of thousands of families.
Tree For The FutureTree For The FutureTree For The FutureTree For The Future

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